Thank you for a really good conference, actually the best one we have ever had! Everything went smoothly, the staff were really nice and service-minded, the center was great and the food was absolutely fabulous.

Katarina Stenvall, Milko

It is always a pleasure to return to Kämpasten in Sweden. The facilities, the staff, the food and the learning environment are among the best of any conference center that I have ever visited around the world. Would I return? Yes, of course! Would I recommend it to any conference organizer or student? Yes, of course.

Marco Protano, The Nurture Company, Massachusetts, USA

What I think characterizes Kämpasten is that you understand our needs, both as a course leader and course participant. The premises are designed for training. There are e.g. a lot of whiteboards and flipcharts to use as well as rails on which to hang material produced. The fact that technology like projectors, DVD and video is installed in the premises and is included in the price is of great value.

Outside every conference room there is a coffee area which makes it easy to keep the participants together during the breaks as well. The buffet model for lunch and dinner is also greatly appreciated – it means maximum flexibility and choice for both participants and leaders. Kämpasten is the best conference center I have ever been to! 

Tord Eriksson, Training department, Volkswagen Group Sverige