Food & Drink

Meals are, of course, an important part of the experience at Kämpasten. The food should be good and well presented, as well as nutritious, varied and light. Our menus are composed to “give peace of mind and body”. We want to provide our guests consideration, freedom of choice, and now and then something unexpected and a culinary experience to be remembered.

We work with high quality through and through. Classic, simple and seasonal products, genuinely cooked with an environmental focus.

Our dining rooms, placed in the building “Paviljongen” are light and airy, with lake view and can together seat up to 100 persons. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here. In the morning, you compose your own breakfast from our large breakfast buffet.

At lunch, we serve a large salad buffet, soup and two alternative hot dishes. Dinner consists of a three course buffet. After the meals, coffee and tea is served in the lounge upstairs.

When wine is served at dinner we are happy to help you choose a wine which goes well with the menu. There is also a small bar in the dining room building.


The kitchen is happy to receive special orders and welcomes your own requests or needs for alternative food. We can arrange themed dinners, barbecues, wine-tasting, exciting late-night suppers etc.

Bon appétit!